We answer the most frequently asked questions in this section.

No – we offer no-strings-attached applications. We believe in an open, transparent mortgage market, and our primary goal is to ensure you get the best mortgage for your circumstances. We are passionate about helping our clients see their application turn into an excellent mortgage approval through to a successfully closed mortgage; the first step is establishing trust and providing you with the resources you need to make an informed decision.
We use this software in two ways.  Firstly, we’ve partnered with a leading Canadian mortgage software company that utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence to generate simple and effective low mortgage quotes gathered from our lending partners based on your application.  Secondly, we’ve designed our own algorithms to determine your eligibility for your desired purchase or refinance mortgage and the next course of action to see it through to approval.
Although interest rates are an essential factor when it comes to your mortgage, there are other things to consider after your mortgage closes and in the following years. Many of these factors are not always discussed or made clear beforehand, but we pride ourselves on maintaining complete transparency with our clients ahead of time to avoid surprises. For example, there can be a significant penalty cost to break your mortgage if you sold your house early.  We believe in an open discussion during your mortgage approval-to-close process and feel that the more information you have, the more secure and confident you will be after your mortgage closes and in the future.
Our company was founded and grew based on providing new Canadians with a mortgage to complete their homeownership dreams.  Many of our clients went on to develop successful local businesses, and through our continued relationships with them and many other Canadians, we’ve garnered a successful track record of securing mortgages for self-employed individuals. We also have a strong reputation in construction mortgages and have extensive experience arranging mortgages in this area.
No. We were founded with a goal to specialize in the self-employed and construction mortgage spaces, but we successfully and consistently arrange all kinds of mortgages, both traditional and non-traditional.
We offer exceptional service that we stand behind. Our dedicated team strives to exceed expectations every time for you.  Our strong network of industry connections, coupled with a progressive, digital approach, affords you the best route to securing a great mortgage. With effective communication at the foundation of our business, we translate needs into borrowing success.
One of our knowledgeable Mortgage Advisors will be assigned to you from the onset and will get to know your situation in detail to source the best service and product available. They will be available whenever you need them and will work to ensure you secure the most advantageous mortgage for your needs.
Although we use leading predictive intelligence software to customize your quotes, our knowledgeable Mortgage Advisors vet the quotes right away to ensure accuracy and transparency.  We strive to complete this process and share your results within the same business day, if not much sooner.
We have established direct relationships with 30+ lenders. They include five of the top ten banks in Canada, all of the leading trust companies in Ontario and the top four credit unions in Ontario, alongside reputable mortgage investment corporations and private lenders.
There are a few key reasons to work with private lenders or secure a private mortgage:
  • When you need to close very quickly or receive access to money on a tight timeline
  • When you require access to money for the short term as a bridge loan
  • When your property is not in great shape or incomplete and traditional lenders require it to be fixed or renovated before they will provide a mortgage
  • When qualifying with a traditional lender is not an option
In these cases, private lenders are an excellent source for quick and easy funds. In most instances, a private mortgage is needed for one year or less as a bridge loan before a traditional lender will replace it.
We’ve designed a software that uses the same calculations that lenders use when qualifying you for a mortgage based on your income to debt ratios.  We’ve simplified this formula and turned it into an automated online form that will tell you if you qualify.  Of course, this will not replace an approval, and we don’t review the information submitted, but it’s a great place to start.
Yes, there are mortgage products available that rely solely on the equity in your property or equity available as a down payment. We strive to help borrowers of all situations and backgrounds secure a great mortgage for their needs.
A construction mortgage, or renovation mortgage, is typically registered in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd position and used to construct your home.  The mortgage is registered for the property’s face value or total approved value but is disbursed in draws based on the percentage completion of work. Interest is only charged on the amount drawn and NOT on the face value of the mortgage.  The first step to arranging this kind of mortgage is to have a budget in mind and the drawings to go with it. From there, we can work together to determine the best possible construction mortgage product for you.
As soon as you complete and submit our online application form, you will be assigned to a Mortgage Advisor who will review your file in detail and reach out to get started.