Why Us?

Progressive Mortgages vs. Banks and Other Brokers


Choices and options provided

Progressive Mortgages: The ability to explore and consider your options before committing to a product using favourable and diverse options, vetted by our expert team, from our extensive network of 30+ banks and lenders.


Banks and Other Brokers: Vague and confusing information with a lack of customer support with limited options from a small, biased pool of lenders


Transparency with technology

Progressive Mortgages: Transparent and straightforward solutions for your mortgage needs with our predictive intelligence software

Banks and Other Brokers: Inconsistent, confusing offers with a lack of transparency or explanation


Easy digital application along with an auto-preapproval software used to sample your loan amount

Progressive Mortgages: Easily apply online anytime, and receive customized quotes the same day plus an additional digital auto preapproval option

Banks and Other Brokers: Being constrained to in-person applications during business hours and a lengthy, in-person approach to approvals requiring documentation


Construction Mortgage expertise

Progressive Mortgages: Construction mortgage-based expertise and advice available

Banks and Other Brokers: A lack of knowledge in this area, void of established relationships with lenders


Private lending and low-income mortgage solutions

Progressive Mortgages: Extensive private mortgage expertise and proven solutions for hard to lend scenarios plus a low income and no income mortgage solutions for every kind of borrower

Banks and Other Brokers: Limited options with a lack of established relationships and no consideration for unconventional borrowers and personalized solutions


Your own dedicated and experienced Mortgage Advisor

Progressive Mortgages: A dedicated, personal mortgage advisor at your service for questions or changes at any time with flexible, personalized mortgage solutions for your situation and our Service Guarantee


Banks and Other Brokers: An impersonal approach to service, with mortgage advisors that you have to chase down and limited options, ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality with no consideration for tailored solutions geared towards an impassive, profit-driven approach with a lack of credibility or service.


Our Specialized Knowledge coupled and an Experiences back approach to service

Progressive Mortgages: Our specialities knowledge and expertise in the self employed and business for self mortgage products and clients need coupled with peace of mind with our thoughtful and experience-backed approach to service


Banks and Other Brokers: An impersonal, outdated mortgage process and a lack of knowledge, experience and established relationships to meet these complex and often indirect approval processes